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Summer of Machine Learning

04 June 2017 on summer, ml, and reading. 1 minute

I graduated from Boston College two weeks ago. Once the post-commencement high wore off, I had the opportunity to spend a few days at home and consider how I want to continue to grow and learn in the "real world" outside the ivory tower. In the midst of this reflection, I stumbled upon this project by data scientist Chris Albon: the Summer of Machine Learning. Seeing this at the beginning of summer and on the eve of beginning my first job as a data scientist, the timing could not have been more opportune.

This summer I am setting ambitious goals for myself in order to become a better data scientist. On top of learning new things on the job this summer, I will attempt to complete 50 machine learning tutorials, read 20 data science related books, complete 5 project related blog posts, and submit responses to 5 Kaggle competitions. Follow me on my journey here, and let me know if you're working through something similar on Twitter.


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