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About Me

10 January 2018 1 minute

I am a data scientist currently interning at Major League Baseball. I split my time at MLB between machine learning and statistical modeling tasks for our streaming media product MLB.TV, the various professional baseball teams, and internal baseball research.

Outside of work I like to work with data relating to my personal life and interests. In the past this has meant building a literary recommender system with Python and Spark, modeling NFL field goal probabilities in R, and analyzing my daily coffee intake with Python. More recently, I have been working on a recently-released open source Python package for baseball data analysis called pybaseball.

I graduated from Boston College this past May, where I broadly studied statistical learning through a combination of coursework in machine learning, econometrics, and quantitative social science. I still study these topics today in my free time, and am currently working my way through The Elements of Statistical Learning.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in working on something new. I am open to freelance opportunities, or to just having a chat.