About Me

10 April 2017

I am a senior at Boston College studying economics and computer science. I've spent the past two summers working at Google and Unum, working as a Product Specialist and Data Analyst respectively. In these roles I've developed a background in working with data, developing applications to improve business processes, and managing large-scale projects from inception to launch.

Outside of work and school, I like to spend my time building statistical models and working with data. In the past this has meant building a literary recommender system with Python and Spark, modeling NFL field goal probabilities in R, and analyzing my daily coffee intake with Python and Google Sheets. More recently, I have been teaching myself TensorFlow and Keras by implementing various ML algorithms from scratch and experimenting with generative recurrent neural networks.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in working on anything new. I am open to freelance opportunities, or to just having a chat.